Duckling & Distance Awards

The Duckling Awards are designed to help young children to enjoy learning to swim with help from parents, guardians or swimming teachers.

Your child can work towards five grades of colourful awards, each with its own certificate and badge. Buoyancy aids, such as armbands, can be used for the first four grades as the child learns to float and gets used to the water. The fifth and final grade has young swimmers jumping into the water, submerging, and floating and swimming five metres without aids.


ASA Duckling Award Grade 1
• to make supervised safe entry to the water with assistance
• to kick 2m on the back with adult support.
• to float on the back with adult supporting behind the head.
• blow bubbles at the waters surface.
• wet the head without submersion.
• travel without assistance 2 meters to floating object.

ASA Duckling Award Grade 2
• to make a sitting entry with adult support
• blow an object for a distance of two meters
• rotate through 180 degrees without assistance
• move 5 meters along the wall or rail without assistance
• travel 3 meters using arms and or legs without assistance
• submerge the face with confidence.

ASA Duckling Award Grade 3
• to make a supervised jump to an adult with or without support
• kick 5 meters on the front holding a float 
(the adult may be holding the other end of the float)
• blow bubbles with the mouth under the water
• float on front OR back without adult support
• travel 5 meters on the front to the side of the pool
• when pushing off from the side show a torpedo shape on front OR back

ASA Duckling Award Grade 4
• jump unaided, but supervised into the water
• submerge completely
• rotate through 360 degrees either horizontally or vertically
• show a mushroom OR star float
• travel with out assistance 10 meters on front or back
• climb out of water, with assistance if required.