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About EMSA Babies

EMSA Babies offers swimming lessons at our Alfreton Park pool in Derbyshire and our Ravenshead, Stubbin Wood and Freshfields Spa pools in Nottinghamshire.

At EMSA Babies we offer specialist Swimming lessons for babies, aged 6 weeks to 3 years, in a friendly, relaxed and fun environment at carefully selected private and warm swimming pools. The earlier babies are introduced to water the sooner they can be taught vital lifesaving skills, as well as increase their stamina and strength. Our swimming lessons can also help your baby develop better sleeping patterns.

Our lessons are perfect for preparing young children and toddlers for our EMSA swim school.

Getting your baby used to water early is important from a safety point of view and it’s great fun too. Your child won’t be co-ordinated enough to learn to swim properly until they are two or three, but you can get them to feel confident and relaxed in the water and make swimming a fun way to exercise for both of you.

Are the Teachers qualified
YES, all of our teachers hold a level 2 ASA or STA swimming teachers qualification, and also (in addition) the (ir Level 2) Adult and Child qualification. They are also Enhanced DBS checked, and are members of IOS insurance. EMSA LTD also has its own umbrella public liability insurance

Do I need to be able to swim?
You do not have to be a swimmer to join us, you can stand up at all of our pools. The chances are it will improve your confidence as well as your babies.

When do I feed my baby?
We advise that you feed your baby at least 1 hour before your lesson. Please do not bring your baby with a full stomach.

Making water fun
Let your baby splash and play with their bath toys
Put your mouth under water and show your baby how to blow bubbles. This is an important lesson for babies to learn, as they can’t inhale water if they are blowing. For young babies, blow a toy across the water and get them to blow it back.
When they can sit up, usually at around six months, sit your baby on the side of the pool and sing Humpty Dumpty. When you get to the line “Humpty Dumpty had a great fall”, lift them down into the water with a splash.
Lay your baby on their back with their head resting on your shoulder. Encourage them to kick and splash their legs

Introducing your baby to water
Make bath time fun. Gently splash water over their body or lay your baby on their back and move them gently through the water.
Make regular trips to the local swimming pool it will help you feel relaxed and confident, your baby will too.
When you first get in the pool, make sure that your baby’s face is close to yours and that you have eye contact, holding your baby close to you. As you both relax and feel more confident you can extend your arms and swish your baby around.

What will my baby learn?
Starting from an early age EMSA Babies will teach your little one to be wonderfully confident in water. Introducing babies to underwater swimming requires a gentle and gradual process. The weekly and gradual repetition and a controlled structure means babies happily and quickly become familiar with it. They will come to understand what will happen next and recognise commands for going underwater, gradually building on their skills and by the age of two should be able to complete short underwater swims.

The majority of the lesson will take place on the surface, only a small proportion is underwater work.


What will I need to bring?
A warm bottle for after the swim if you are bottlefeeding
A towel, preferably one with a hood or a towelling dressing gown
A snack – swimming makes babies hungry
Books or toys for older babies
A few of your baby’s bath toys to play with
Don’t forget your changing bag and of course mums swim suit.

Baby Age Groups
EMSA Baby classes are separated into four age groups.

6 weeks to 6 months
6 months + to 15 months
15 months + to 24 months
24 months + to 3 years

3 years + progress to EMSA our Swimming Academy

What can I expect from the class?
We offer 30 minute classes with up to 8 babies in a pool, where the temperature will be a minimum of 30 degrees c. We teach you how to teach your little one to swim and move through the water.

How do I book on to a course?
Please get in touch and let us know which pool you would like to swim at, and we will do the rest.

What does my baby need to wear?
All babies, MUST wear two nappies, the first a disposable swim nappy, on top of this, they must wear, a reusable Aqua Nappy, to prevent any accidents. You will not be allowed in the water with out both on, as accidents in the pool, mean we have to cancel lessons for 15-24 hours afterwards.

When can I start swimming with my baby?
Parents used to be advised to wait until their baby had had their immunisations at two, four and six months before they took their babies swimming. But health experts no longer believe this is necessary, so you can begin as soon as you feel comfortable. At EMSA babies, we start from as early as 6 weeks old. You will probably have to wait until you have had your six week check up anyway.

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