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Four easy steps to completing your NEW STARTER form:

1. Read through the terms and conditions below.
2. Fill in the the swimmers details opposite.
3. Ensure all requested information is provided.
4. Hit submit to send your details to us.

Terms and conditions

Swimming Teachers are only responsible for participants during their swimming lessons and parents/guardians are responsible at all other times.

The swimming lesson begins when the Swimming Teacher accepts charge of participants and ends when the lesson finishes.

All children must be supervised at all times and accompanied in the changing rooms by a parent/guardian. Parents/guardians of children participating in swimming lessons are not permitted to leave the club or participate in a class/workout or treatment at the same time.

No mobile phones, laptops or any other device with a camera, are permitted in the changing rooms or poolside.

No photography or filming is permitted in the changing room and pool side.

Customers should aim to arrive no more than 15 minutes before the lesson and leave no more than 15 minutes after the lesson to help improve changing room comfort.

Customers must follow pool procedures as advised to them at the time of confirmation.

Parents/guardians must refrain from distracting teachers during lessons.

EMSA and the Pool Operator are not responsible or liable for any loss, theft or damage to personal property left within the swimming facility.

Swimmers must not enter the water before the lesson to avoid distracting other swimmers or teachers.

Refund and Payment Policy

EMSA do not store any information about your bank accounts or credit cards.

In the event that you are unable to attend a lesson due to sickness or holiday, we regret that we are unable to refund you as your payment secures your place for the full term.

EMSA reserves the right to cancel a lesson or course at any time.  In the event that a lesson is cancelled the swimmer will be credited with the amount for that lesson which will automatically be deducted from the cost of the next course of lessons.

Refunds are at the discretion on the management, any refunds will incur a £10 admin charge.

Once you have started the term we have a strict no refund policy.