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Staying Safe

Our aim at EMSA is to teach all children to respect the water, understand the dangers of its power and how to self rescue should they get into difficulty. Each week our swimmers learn how to star float, as we feel this is their only chance of survival. If your child does not attend swimming lessons, please do teach them this potential life saving skill.

Follow the SAFE code

Whenever near water, use the safe code to ensure you enjoy the water safely…

Spot the danger

Take advise from signs and lifeguards

always go with a friend or adult, NEVER swim alone

Learn how to call for help if you spot someone in danger or the survival skills we show them in class.

If you fall into water, you need to learn how to float to increase your chances of survival.  Try to catch your breath, and get hold of something that will help you float, keep calm, call for help, and swim for safety if it is possible. For more details visit:

Ask your child the following questions to see how well they understand water safety:

  1. Why shouldn’t you go near water without a grown up?
  2. If you saw someone in danger in the water, what could you use to rescue them?
  3. Is it safe to swim in outdoor,  Lakes/ponds/rivers/canals, with or without an adult?
  4. Why is it a bad idea to jump in to try and save some one?
  5. If is a warm day is it ok to swim in a lake or river?
  6. If you fell in water, how could you save yourself till help came? (please demonstrate on the floor)
  7. What number should you call for emergency help? and who do you ask for?